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Bettina Jutta Beatrice Freifrau (Baroness) von Schimmelmann, born in Zurich, is a highly accomplished broadcast reporter and presenter with an in-depth knowledge of Hollywood entertainment, social, cultural and lifestyle content. She is a pro-active, take-charge professional with excellent connections to the Entertainment industry in the US and Germany.


Bettina was based in Los Angeles from 1998 to 2011. She traveled to more than 42 US-States, Australia and Europe for television interviews and productions. She has been working as a red-carpet reporter for numerous major events such as the Academy Awards®, the Grammys®, the Golden Globes®, the Berlinale and the Cannes Film Festival.


In August of 2013, Bettina was tapped as the new celebrity and society expert on "Guten Morgen Deutschland" (Good morning Germany, 6am - 8:30am), the daily morning show on RTL in Cologne. Getting up twice a week at 3:30am, she reported live in the studio about the latest entertainment news and headlines. She also frequently meets up with German and international celebrities for one-on-one interviews.


Bettina had the great pleasure of working with clients such as ProSieben, ZDF, Studio Universal, Tele5, AUDI, BMW, GQ, Volkswagen a.o. and currently works as a celebrity reporter for RTL among others.


Her core competencies include:

  • Hosting live events, such as galas, premieres, press conferences, concerts in English and German fluently

  • Stand-ups, teleprompter, cue-card reading, ad-lib and improvisational hosting, including radio

  • In-depth celebrity interviews and expertise

  • Covering breaking news and entertainment stories

  • Extensive database of industry contacts (including celebrities, publicists, location managers, lifestyle experts, etc.)

  • Great interest and know-how in motorsport contents, especially formula one

  • Fast research of social, political, human interest and cultural content

  • Wide knowledge in pop culture, arts and fashion trends

  • Comprehensive segment productions: Schedule, write and execute interviews, including scouting locations and booking crew, direct creative content, editing & voice-over

  • Excellent computer skills (Avid, Word, Excel, Photoshop)

  • Languages: Fluent in English and German, school French

  • Basic knowledge in operating EOS, DV, teleprompter and several editing systems


In her spare time, Bettina enjoys to be with her family and her dog Coco.

She has a passion for western horseback riding, cooking, fashion and watching formula one and soccer




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